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Governmental websites that are potential useful include:

The Kyrgyz government's English version internet portal

The Kyrgyz president's English version website

The Kyrgyz embassy in Washington D.C. Use this page to get a visa application and instructions. Surprisingly, there is a nice Kyrgyz song gallery there as well.

The American embassy in Bishkek

The U.S. government's listing of websites for Americans Living and Traveling Abroad. Use this list to access U.S. State Department travel advisories, passport information, and information on teaching English abroad. The U.S. State Department keeps a relatively up-to-date consular information sheet on Kyrgyzstan.

The CIA Worldbook. This contains a general overview of Kyrgyzstan.

Jalal-Abad oblast (region) has a small website with some news and regional information in Russian only.


Peace Corps







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